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Purveyor of Fine Brass and Wind Music since 1980

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Welcome to the official website of arranger and composer Warren J. Wernick

Here you will find many brass quintet, brass and wind ensemble arrangements and original compositions to download absolutely


Fun to play! Nicely engraved! Great charts for all occasions! Build your book! Donations are greatly appreciated!

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As a trumpet player and composition student at The Juilliard School, I founded the Majestic Brass Quintet. For the next thirty-five years, the MBQ became one of the premier working brass groups in the New York City / Tri-state area, playing concerts, graduations, weddings, and other engagements that kept us busy all year long. During this time, we had the opportunity to add numerous new arrangements and original works to “the book” based more on need than anything else. As a result, it grew into a formidable and unique library of standard, eclectic, and sometimes unusual brass arrangements and other works.


I developed a passion for arranging and composing for all brass and wind instruments. Over the years, I amassed an enormous catalog of brass quintet, brass ensemble, solo works, and other arrangements, as well as original works and critically acclaimed compositions, which you can find here as you explore the website.


For the first time ever, I am offering my catalog here at Every title is absolutely free! Download as many as you like! And if you can – and want to keep these excellent arrangements and the music coming – please consider donating. It is greatly appreciated and helps maintain the website. We're asking for a suggested donation of as little as five dollars, or as much as you want.


You may be saying to yourself, "What's the catch?". There isn't one! It really is free. I have always felt music education was part of any learning. With that, I’d like to make this music available to players everywhere and at all skill levels. Here is a small way for me to give back to the community I’ve been part of and help keep the music playing!

What they’re saying:

“Warren Wernick writes music that is beautifully crafted and fun to play. Mr. Wernick’s compositions are powerful and, at the same time, cleverly express his wry sense of humor. Warren is a fine trumpeter and knows how to write for the instrument. Highly recommended for all levels".Mark Gould - former Principal Trumpet, The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.


"You were the strange but wonderful anchor-buoy in the conflagration of music and life that was happening at the time. Probably most of all, you love (brass) music as much as I do."  – William Blumberg, Principal Trumpet, Boise Philharmonic.

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